GET/{BASE}/user/login?logout=…&user=…Throws a AccessDeniedException if currently no user is logged in (aka: current user is anonymous).
GET/{BASE}/user/meProvide Account information about the currently logged in user (account)
POST/{BASE}/user/meUpdate/Set the profile information (foaf) for the current user.
POST/{BASE}/user/meDummy to avoid exceptions if post body is empty.
POST/{BASE}/user/me/passwdUpdate/change the password for the current user.
GET/{BASE}/user/{login}Resolve/Redirect access to /user/* uris.
GET/{BASE}/users?role=…List users (that have the given role).
POST/{BASE}/users/{login}Create a new user account (incl.
GET/{BASE}/users/{login}Return the Account data of the requested login
DELETE/{BASE}/users/{login}?deleteFoaf=…Delete the account with the given login.
POST/{BASE}/users/{login}/passwordSet the password for the given account
POST/{BASE}/users/{login}/profileUpdate/Save the user profile (foaf) for the given account
POST/{BASE}/users/{login}/roles?role=…&role[]=…Set the roles for the given account